Painter and Sculptor

Versatile, innovative, individual approach, international reputation

Oskar Buchs, who has lived for many years in Gstaad in the Bernese Oberland, is a very versatile artist. Regardless of the medium used, he has remained true to his style throughout his creative period, continuing to develop it and evolve his own singular style, disregarding fashionable trends.

His works invite the viewer to feel his way into them, to explore their depths, to succumb to their magical effect, their inner vibrations. The viewer must try to take in and perceive their richness, their rhythms and sounds. When you analyse the works of Oskar Buchs, you move into a different world, usually a world full of light, joy and humour but sometimes also full of secrets and riddles.

Oskar Buchs Riedstrasse CH 3780 Gstaad Switzerland
Born on November 12, 1925, in Matten, St. Stephan, Simmental
Moved to Gstaad in 1954

Art Schools
1947/48 School for Design, Berne
1965/66 Académie ABC, Paris

Commissions for Public Buildings
More than 20 works for public buildings
E.g. Roche AG, Sisseln, Swiss Hotel School, Chalet-à-Gobet, Eduard Spranger School, Freudenstadt (Germany) etc.

Switzerland, Germany, New York: one-man shows on Broadway


Weitere Eckdaten

Other interesting information
1958 1st exhibition, Galerie Sherpa, Berne
In the early 60s, abandons naturalism
1972 1st woodcut print
1975 1st large work, wood relief to decorate a building
1979 1st visit to the USA
1983 1st exhibition in Germany
1985 Publication of the book "Oskar Buchs, Wood and Colour, Works from 1955-1985", Opere Verlag, Berne
1990 Begins to experiment with new palette-knife technique
1994 Builds his own gallery
1995 1st one-man show in New York, Broadway
1996 Receives a cultural award
2000 Aufnahme in den Band "Meister bildender Künste" 
Professor Axel-Alexander Ziese, Nürnberg
2000 Appointed "chevalier académique" by the Accademia del Verbano, Italy
2000 Included in the volume "Masters of the Visual Arts" by Professor Axel-Alexander Ziese, Nuremberg
2000 Honour conferred by the Commune of Saanen
2000 Publication of the book "Oskar Buchs, Works from 1986 to 2000"
published by the "Association of Visual Artists Bernese Oberland"
2000 Comprehensive exhibition "An Overview of Fifty Years of Creative Work" at the suggestion of the Cultural Committee of the Commune of Saanen.
Has visited: Germany, France, Italy, Canada, Sweden, Singapore, Spain, Thailand, USA as well as Moscow, Oslo, St. Petersburg and Vienna.